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Effective communication is a skill that unleashes your talent

We support leaders and their teams to build trust by consciously communicating through coaching, consulting, trainings, and speaking.  

What we do

We are communication coaches, educational consultants and keynote speakers. In an ever changing world, our guiding principles are the necessity of emotional awareness, the importance of interpersonal connection and the ability to share ideas among a culturally rich and diverse audience.

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We offer services that help you become a more conscious leader by communicating clearly, concisely and compassionately in every aspect of your working life. 

Innovate to Communicate

Encourage scientists, doctors, developers, Phd's and futurists to communicate knowledge effectively, efficiently and with the audience’s needs foremost.

Advocate to Communicate

Facilitate positive diversity, cultural awareness, universal equality and everyday activism in business, education, organizations and communities.

Educate to Communicate

Collaborate with schools, departments and individual teachers to improve their communication and connection among their adult audience.

Accentuate to Communicate

Support keynote speakers and CEOs on their content, delivery and pronunciation of English to improve their effectiveness as speakers.

“Great communication depends on two simple skills-context, which attunes a leader to the same frequency as his or her audience, and delivery, which allows a leader to phrase messages in a language the audience can understand.”


If you need to pass a message to any audience, Gabriella is definitely the right person to guide you through that process. She has the sensitivity to understand what’s behind any type of “message blockers” and she works with you in order to gradually make them disappear. On top of it, she is a great person! Definitely a communication expert I would recommend.
Mariana Gomes, Product Manager at Cabify
Cormac has been our communication consultant from the very beginning of our creation as a start up and he. remains one of our most trusted advisors. Sharp, talented, generous with his insights and able to grasp fast moving situation quickly he has repeatedly proven his worth to our company.
Olivier Plante, Founder & CEO at Fleksy
When I first met Gabriella for a product training, she stopped me after the first minute and said: "no way... you won't convince us with your technical engineering details. We want a story about your product that we all feel a part of. Gabriella helped me, as she did with so many other engineers, not only to "humanize" technology, but to lift my serious-aggressive-cover to learn how to communicate my authentic self. You are a breath of fresh air!
Ana Ferreira, CEO & Founder at B_Create
Cormac and I worked together on producing a professional development workshop with an emphasis on communication for LGBTQ+ MBA students at IESE Business School and it was an absolute pleasure to work with him! Cormac has a very collaborative approach and brings great energy to his engagements to deliver the best possible program tailored to his audience, allowing him to bring out the best in others!
Hasani Brooks, IESE MBA 2022
Cormac is an incredible coach who helps his students unleash their potentials to the fullest by challenging them and helping them identify their strengths and unique traits. I don’t think I ever felt as supported and empowered by a coach throughout the whole process of speech preparation: from idea initiation to post-speech debrief. I’m extremely grateful to have been able to work with Cormac and wish to every public speaker (which is every person) to have such an opportunity.
Linda Savinova, IESE MBA 2022

Who We Are

Award winning authors and speakers on compassionate communication, trainers in intercultural development, and passion advocates for public speaking, learn more as to why we adore what we do!

Gabriella Opaz has fifteen years experience as an executive leadership coach, adjunct professor on effective communication and public speaking, and a facilitator of conscious communication internationally. She holds a Masters in Education from the University of Minnesota, is an award-winning speaker and author, and a TEDx coach. Specializing in intercultural communication and mindfulness, she’s known for directness and strength balanced by deep compassion, Gabriella builds trust with her clients, and they count on her to skillfully and efficiently get the to the heart of the matter. She brings joy, and play to every engagement, which accelerates achieving key goals and objectives.


Cormac Walsh is a Distinguished Toastmaster, a public speaking coach and an educational consultant who has worked with some of the top business schools, companies and private schools in Barcelona and Ireland. Cormac specializes in helping individuals improve their communication and also teaching the music and intonation of English pronunciation, a game changer for non native speakers who must present to international audiences. He has worked as a speaker, MC, coach, teacher trainer and with all ages from three year olds right up to university professors! Known for his quick wit and humor, not to mention passion, Cormac brings lasting results to any training! 

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